Services to improve and increase: productive contributions, creative and innovative people.

Market segments served: Workers, students, business and educational institutions related to the sectors: AEROSPACE


A. Development of information systems that enable better demand planning and supply of specific human capital as well as increase the relevance of educational programs to the needs of businesses, particularly in the sectors with greatest growth potential. This includes:

1. Development of consultation programs for employers of the profiles of human resources required in the industry.

2. Development of systems to identify the demand for human capital by the private sector in strategic areas.

B. Encourage job training and competency-based human resources, at technical, undergraduate and graduate levels through the promotion of agreements and schemes of collaboration among government, educational institutions and the corporate sector for promoting employment in strategic sectors.
The availability of a qualified labor force and the formation of high-level scientists are essential ingredients for the generation and diffusion of innovation. This has a critical dependence on knowledge, skills or abilities, experience and creativity of people.
So in 2005, the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report, said the key priority of the countries in the coming years will be to improve the quality of education systems, so that they can prepare a workforce world-class, technologically skilled, better able to use English increasingly, and in which women particular find a range of expansion opportunities.
Taking into account these statements, this column must touch each of the elements to strengthen education and training resources necessary to promote and strengthen a permanent link to educational institutions and research professionals from qualified institutions in the market, conduct ongoing training of human resources and assets, especially the development of technical professionals and specialists in strategic areas of innovation.