International Account Receivable Finance

Limit your company s foreign risk exposure while maximizing the use of its assets. Knowledge and Capital Receivable Funding Program provides exporters who have a larger portfolio of foreign accounts receivable with the ability to expand their borrowing potential while mitigating the risk of a catastrophic trade credit loss.

Knowledge and Capital International Receivable Secured Funding Program provides:

Increased Liquidity:

Benefit from the same level of liquidity as from an asset-securitization program by converting a significant portion of your foreign accounts receivable into cash.

Risk Mitigation:

Reduce your company s exposure to catastrophic losses from trade credit defaults with a carefully crafted insurance policy provided by a private insurance company.

Customer Contact:

Your export customers are normally unaware that their account has been insured or that the asset has been pledged to a lender because your company continues to service its client accounts directly.

Reduced Borrowing Cost:

Larger pools of insured accounts receivable will often realize an interest rate reduction. The Receivables Funding Program may also reduce the reliance on other bank credit lines.

Benefits of Knowledge and Capital International Receivable Secured Funding Program:

A Special Purpose Entity (SPE) is formed with a capital contribution aligned with the deductible requirements of the insurance policy. Your capital contribution and any temporary excess funds are available for overnight investment.

Accounts receivable collections are directed to a Knowledge and Capital lockbox. All information accompanying the payment is forwarded to your company.

Settlement of funds are made either weekly or monthly, depending on volume and your company’s needs. Knowledge and Capital International Receivable Secured Funding Program provides:

The insurance policy is managed by your company or by an assigned broker. Our allied partner is a is named Loss Payee.